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Preparation for your appointment

What clothing should I wear for the massage?

You wear whatever you are comfortable in. This can be fully dressed or fully undressed. Whatever you choose, you will be fully draped with a sheet and blanket as you are positioned on the table. Only the area being treated at the time will be undraped and when massage in that area is complete, you will be re-draped. 


How often should I have massage?

Each woman has a unique experience in her pregnancy. As baby grows and new demands are placed on your body affecting posture and sleep, you may want to come more often. It is really up to you and how you feel. 


What position will I be in during the massage?

You will be placed in one of two positions. Semi-supine (sitting in a reclined position, fully supported and cradled with appropriate pillowing) which many women find so comfortable that they adopt it for resting and sleeping at home. and side lying with pillows placed between your knees and under your belly. 


Is massage painful?

Massage is not a painful treatment. It is intended to be a relaxing, therapeutic and beneficial treatment for your body. As every individual’s pressure tolerance is different, you are encouraged to let us know if you feel pain at any time or if you require more or less pressure. 


What if I’m experiencing nausea/headaches/otherwise unwell?

If you are experiencing any unusual sensations or discomfort I recommend you contact your doctor or midwife prior to seeking out massage therapy. If there are certain triggers you can identify that upset your stomach and trigger nausea, please notify your Therapist prior to arrival for your appointment. This way your Therapist can ensure the treatment room is free of these triggers and you have a pleasant experience.


Can I have a massage if I’m carrying multiple babies?


Even women carrying multiples babies can benefit greatly from massage! 

Is Massage Therapy covered by extended health benefits?

Most insurance plans (personal or through work) provide at least partial coverage, and often full coverage. We provide direct billing for a select number of insurance companies and for others, we will provide you with a receipt for submission  to obtai reimbursement.

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