Postpartum Massage

In eight weeks your body is about to undo what took forty weeks to create. For this reason, it is imperative that you tend to yourself just as well as you did during pregnancy. Postpartum massage is designed to help restore your body to its pre-pregnancy condition.

During the postpartum period you may suffer fatigue and soreness from the birthing process.

Additionally your body will be trying to make adjustments for the physical stresses of caring for your infant. You will be adopting new positions for long periods of time, such as when breast or bottle feeding and pushing the stroller. Your body will be asked to carry heavier loads such as the car seat and diaper bag. All of these new tasks require the body to make physical changes in order to accommodate your new lifestyle. These changes will be welcome if we allow our bodies to adapt in the healthiest way possible – and that means we must be aware and proactive.



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