Infant Massage

Touch is the primary sense for infants. There is a surplus of studies that have proven touch is essential to the growth and health of infants. It has even been described as “food for the infant. Food as necessary as minerals, vitamins, and proteins.” by French obstetrician and author Frederick Leboyer.

Touch is intuitive between the mother and her child as it begins the incomparable bond that will continue to grow and evolve.

The link between touch, growth and bonding is begun in the womb and continues throughout life. The amount of touch stimulation your infant receives in his/her first year can have a strong impact on brain development permanently. I strongly advocate the use of skin to skin contact. Take every opportunity to hold your baby directly against your bare skin. In addition you should be taking every opportunity to hold, stroke, cradle and otherwise make physical contact with your baby.
 Many mothers, especially new mothers, can be frightened of the thought of caring for their babies and intimated by the fragility of this tender new person. Simple touch can help overcome this barrier. Providing regular infant massages is a wonderful tool to help  mothers develop confidence when caring for their children.

Because your infant needs you so dearly, Maternity Wellness does not advocate the use of infant massage services for treatments outside of your presence. We will only perform a treatment if the parents are present. Our infant massage services are for the purpose of training the parent in the techniques, unless special circumstances negate the Registered Massage Therapist administering the treatment

Benefits of infant massage extend to both mother and child.

For your baby:

    Stimulates circulation
    Releases stress
    Improves muscle tone
    Improves sleeping patterns
    Reduces discomfort from colic, gas, and constipation                         

    Strengthens digestive, circulatory, and intestinal systems
    Improves body awareness
    Stimulates right/left brain development and coordination
    Increases sense of being loved and accepted

For you:

    Provides quality bonding time
    Increases communication between baby and parent
    Improves relaxation and reduces stress
    Allows parents to better read babies cries

Touch is a vital part of our existence. All parents should adopt a form of infant massage that is appropriate to their child. 

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